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Listening tips in August

"Aufnahme lšuft!" - the new podcast from GENUIN

Never miss an episode! Under this link there is a new podcast every week. The new podcast is moderated and produced by the music journalist Eva Morlang. She introduces the people behind GENUIN: the founders, managing directors, sound engineers and editors.

In the first episode the two founders and managing directors of GENUIN Holger Busse and Alfredo Lasheras Hakobian talk about how they founded their own company in the late 1990s while still studying and how they came from a cellar in Detmold to Leipzig.

Next Wednesday (June 3) is all about how a GENUIN production gets underway, usually starting with a telephone conversation ...

May 15: Spontaneous concert from the Jesus Christ Church, Berlin-Dahlem
Concert with GENUIN artist Elisaveta Blumina
Here you go to the broadcast on Deutschlandfunk Kultur!
To the CDs with Elisaveta Blumina released by GENUIN.

Maia Cabeza in an interview on Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Maia Cabeza about her new CD at GENUIN, here you can watch the broadcast of May 11th!
To Primavera CD at GENUIN.

Gudrun Hinze plays Bach's "Air" in the living room
To the CD with Gudrun Hinze at GENUIN.

Asya Fateyeva (saxophone) | Frank Dupree (piano)
Erwin Schulhoff | "Hot-Sonata" for alto saxophone & piano
To the CD with Asya Fateyeva at GENUIN
To the CD with Frank Dupree at GENUIN

Bachfest Leipzig, Passion despite pandemic
On Good Friday, the St. John Passion was performed in the Thomaskirche in Leipzig and was followed live around the world. In addition to the chamber music instrumentation, Bach choirs from all over the world were also present.

Johann Sebastian Bach: St. John Passion
arranged after St. John Passion, BWV 245, for tenor, harpsichord, organ and percussion
Benedikt KristjŠnsson, tenor
Elina Albach, harpsichord, organ
Philipp Lamprecht, percussion
A production of PODIUM Esslingen

Under this link on the website of MDR you can watch/listen to the whole concert.

To the CD with Benedikt KristjŠnsson at GENUIN

Interview with Theo Plath about his debut CD on GENUIN
Theo Plath, bassoon talent in the upwind - Belcanto also goes with bassoon
Here you can listen to the entire programme on Deutschlandfunk Kultur.
To the CD with Theo Plath at GENUIN