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GENUIN records the soundtrack for the movie "Emerald Green", the last film of the Gem Trilogy

26.11.2015: Like the first two films, the third and final part of the Gem Trilogy is all about time travel, secret circles and heartbreak. GENUIN recently recorded the soundtrack for the movie. The Staatskapelle Weimar performed Philipp F. Kölmel's film music, which is now being edited at GENUIN.

The film adaptations of "Ruby Red" (2013), "Sapphire Blue" (2014) and "Emerald Green" (2016) are based on the book trilogy by Kerstin Gier. The third book "Emerald Green" was published by the German author in 2010. As with the two previous films "Emerald Green" was directed by Felix Fuchssteiner.

The film will be premiered at German movie theaters on June 30, 2016.

A few snapshots of the recording session for the film music can be found here:

Photographs: Book cover & Photos by Philipp F. Kölmel