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Mastered for iTunes: GENUIN in a New Splendor on iTunes

27.3.2015: Apple is known for its innovations. With iTunes, Apple owns the most popular online store for digital music. To ensure sound quality that is as perfect as possible, Apple engineers have developed a new method that promises maximum transparency, a higher dynamic range and less distortion: Mastered for iTunes. For this, the recording is checked during the final studio-resolution mix (24bit / 96kHz) using Apple's own programs and is converted to AAC format ("iTunes Plus"). This guarantees that no sonic loss occurs between the studio master and the files sold in the iTunes Store.

The GENUIN label is now also offering its albums as "Mastered for iTunes" and thus, alongside traditional MP3s, is selling high quality AAC-converted musical titles on iTunes. Of course, all GENUIN titles can be still found in uncompressed, high-resolution Studio HD quality (up to 24bit / 96kHz) at selected download stores:

Those who are interested in the details of the method can find more information in the 10-page document in which Apple describes the technical requirements of the source material and the conversion to AAC format (iTunes Plus).