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Genuin Produces the Soundtrack for Part Two of “Bibi and Tina”

2.12.2014: On December 25th the two friends and horse lovers Bibi and Tina will experience a new adventure at movie theatres. Just like in part one of the series, GENUIN sound engineers were responsible for the orchestral part of the soundtrack for Bibi & Tina: Voll verhext! (“Bibi & Tina: Bewitched”). This past October GENUIN recording group recorded the music by the composer Bowen Liu together with the Staatskapelle Weimer. The teen comedy, which was directed by Detlev Buck, includes a song contributed by Peter Plate, the frontman of Rosenstolz, together with his partner Ulf Sommer and Daniel Faust.

Producer of the film BIBI UND TINA is DCM Pictures and composer Bowen Liu.
Producer of the soundtrack is the EUROPÄISCHE FILMPHILHARMONIE.

f.l.t.r.: Fernando Carmena, Stefan Behrisch, Joris Bartsch Buhle, Bowen Liu, Holger Busse, Ulrich Wünschel, Christopher Tarnow

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