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GENUIN Introduces the Series - Articles on Five Labels in the Leipzig Area

Several weeks ago, Jutta Donat from the Leipziger Gewandhausmagazin visited the GENUIN label, and now the article has been issued.
Here is a brief excerpt concerning the everyday life of the three managing directors Holger Busse, Alfredo Lasheras Hakobian & Michael Silberhorn and the friends of the sound engineer's life...

"Cables, loudspeakers, adaptors, plugs and other recording utensils on the shelf, the closed grand piano covered with scores and specialist magazines, in the middle a red and white couch set - the reception and discussion room of GENUIN classics on Feuerbachstrasse in Leipzig does not contain anything pompous. On this Friday afternoon, moments of profound silence are interrupted by sounds from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony with the final chorus "Ode to Joy". "An advertising gag of the Nuremberg Philharmonic", laughs sound engineer Holger Busse, who enters the room a bit later with the sound engineers Alfredo Lasheras Hakobian and Micael Silberhorn. "The six-minute sequence on the market place in Nuremberg begins with the double basses playing, then come the cellos and finally the entire orchestra together with the opera choir."

Here you can read the complete article.
Text: Jutta Donat
Foto: Gert Mothes