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The Bach Prize Winners 2014 Have Been Selected - GENUIN Produces CD with Jean-Christophe Dijoux

23.7.2014: A total of 100 musicians from 28 countries competed at the 19th International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition in Leipzig from 9 to 19 July 2014 for the title of "Bach Prize Winner". The winners in the categories of piano, harpsichord and violin were announced in the ceremonial room of the Old City Hall on 19 July:

1. prize: Hilda Huang / 18 years old / USA
2. prize: Schaghajegh Nosrati / 25 years old / Germany
3. prize: Georg Kjurdian / 20 years old / Latvia

1. prize: Jean-Christophe Dijoux / 32 years old / France
2. prize: Olga Pashchenko / 27 years old / Russia
3. prize: Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya / 28 years old / Russia

violin / baroque violin
1. prize: Seiji Okamoto / 20 years old / Violin / Japan
2. prize: Marie Radauer-Plank / 28 years old / Violin / Austria
3. prize: Niek Baar / 23 years old / Violin / Netherlands

Alongside the first prize in the category of harpsichord, Jean-Christophe Dijoux also won the GENUIN Special Prize: GENUIN will produce a CD with the French harpsichordist that will probably be issued in late 2015.

Bach Prize Winners have been selected at the International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition in Leipzig since 1950. GENUIN has already issued the debut CDs of three other Bach Prize Winners:
Francesco Corti, harpsichord, Bach Prize Winner 2006
Evgeny Sviridov, violin, Bach Prize Winner 2010
Johannes Lang, organ, Bach Prize Winner 2012. The CD by Johannes Lang will be internationally available starting on 5 September 2014.