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Another ECHO Klassik Award for a GENUIN-CD: "Primal Recordings" by tubist Andreas Martin Hofmeir

13.8.2013: There's yet another reason to celebrate at GENUIN: the ECHO Klassik jury has awarded Andreas Martin Hofmeir the ECHO Klassik Award, naming him Instrumentalist of the Year for the CD "Primal Recordings". Awards went as well to Jonas Kaufmann, Sol Gabetta and Joyce DiDonato, among others. This CD was released last year in the GENUIN series "Primavera", in which the winners of the German Music Competition (Deutscher Musikwettbewerb) had their debut CDs issued by GENUIN. The tuba player Andreas Martin Hofmeir, who won the German Music Competition in 2005, combined concert recordings with various orchestras and soloists on "Primal Recordings". He chose the contemporary composers Jörg Duda, Gisbert Näther and Kjell Roikjer, some of whose works were written especially for Andreas Martin Hofmeir and his duo- partner, the harpist Andreas Mildner. Thus they are all world premiere recordings, as stated by the title. GENUIN and Andreas Martin Hofmeir are delighted that the ECHO Klassik jury esteems imaginative and unconventional CDs such as "Primal Recording". The ECHO Klassik 2013 will be presented on 6 October at the Konzerthaus in Berlin.

This is the second time that GENUIN can be pleased about an ECHO Klassik Award: last year, the CD "White" by the Amaryllis Quartet was named Chamber Music Recording of the Year.

Andreas Martin Hofmeir´s second Tuba-Harp-recording "Why not?" was released on GENUIN in June 2013

Here you can prelisten and purchase the CD "Primal Recordings" on GENUIN.
Here you can read Andreas Martin Hofmeir´s Biography

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