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"A Gem of Chamber Music", nmz celebrates Sabaneev recording

Since 2005 the pianist Michael Schäfer and the violinist Ilona Then-Bergh have been issuing undiscovered, exciting piano and chamber works in our series "Un!erhört." Burkhard Schäfer (NMZ) interviewed the two musicians about the recently issued CD with piano trios of Leonid Sabaneyev and their future plans. An interesting portrait was the result.

A Gem of Chamber Music
(Interview: Burkhard Schäfer)
A conversation with the discoverers of the Piano Trios of Leonid Sabaneyev

nmz: Sabaneyev's Second Piano Trio, in my view, belongs to the very great works of this genre written during the 20th century. What do you hope from the release of such a work of chamber music?
Schäfer: Of course we want this work to find its way into the repertoire.
Then-Bergh: It would be best, of course, if Reclam's Guide to Chamber Music had to be rewritten because of us (both laugh) ...