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Genuin Special Prize Awarded to Evgeni Sviridov

18.7.2010: The prize consists of a debut CD with worldwide distribution by GENUIN classics.
The surprised 21-year-old Russian from St. Petersburg accepted the certificate from Managing Director Alfredo Lasheras Hakobian during the official awards ceremony at the Old City Hall.
“We decided in favour of Evgeni Sviridov not only because he is a magnificent violinist but also because we have always committed ourselves to encouraging young musicians,” said Lasheras Hakobian, explaining the decision. “Incidentally, we reached our decision independently from that of the specialist jury.”
Which one of the three prize winners GENUIN classics decided upon remained unknown until the winner was announced.
In 2006 Francesco Corti (harpsichord) received the chance of a debut CD.
“A CD of one’s own is an important building block for the beginning of a professional career,” according to Lasheras Hakobian. “Besides, we want to signalise, with this prize, that we feel very much bound to the musical city of Leipzig.”