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GEN 87096
EAN: 4260036250961
18.90 €

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart  
Die Kurfürstin-Sonaten KV 301–306
Sonate G-Dur KV 301
Sonate Es-Dur KV 302
Sonate C-Dur KV 303
Sonate e-moll KV 304
Sonate A-Dur KV 305
Sonate D-Dur KV 306
Andante und Fuge KV 402

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart

The Palatine-Sonatas
KV 301-306

2 CDs

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A shifting of reality, as in Milan Kundera’s novel “The Unbearable Lightness of Being,” is presented by Tobias Koch (harpsichord) and Lisa Marie Landgraf (violin) in the young Mozart’s great violin sonatas. Perhaps also the great Mozart’s young violin sonatas. For how freshly the music still sounds today on this GENUIN CD, after nearly 250 years! It is still entertainment music in the best sense of the word – as almost everywhere, but with a double bottom and net with Mozart. At any rate, the times have fortunately passed when the harpsichord sounded like an egg-slicer and the baroque violin like ill-treated catgut. The two young musicians’ presentation of probably the best violin sonatas ever dedicated to a Mannheim Princess-Elector are beautiful in sound, voluminous, expansively shaped and performed with boundless fun – truly an “oeuvre premier.”