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GEN 87084
EAN: 4260036250848
Edition: Primavera
18.90 €

L. v. Beethoven (1770–1827)  
Sonata in C major Op. 102/1
A. Webern (1883–1945)  
Two Pieces
A. Webern  
Three Little Pieces Op. 11
A. Webern  
Sonata for Cello and Piano
J. S. Bach (1685–1750)  
Suite No. 5 C minor BWV 1011
G. Ligeti (1923–2006)  
Sonata for Violoncello Solo
I. Stravinsky (1882–1971)  
Suite Italienne

Works for Cello and Piano by Beethoven, Webern, Bach, Ligeti and Stravinsky

Nicolas Altstaedt, Laureate/Deutscher Musikwettbewerb 2005

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Ardent with music through and through – that is how Nicolas Altstaedt presents himself on his GENUIN debut CD. To be sure, a young instrumentalist who manages to get on the Music Council’s artists’ list cannot be merely a fire-spirit without intellect, but must present himself as a complete musician in the competition. Altstaedt’s completeness is proven not only by his playing but also by his cleverly chosen repertoire; he plays in the top league of outstanding young cellists on this CD. The works of Beethoven, Webern, Bach, Ligeti and Stravinsky are demanding and exciting treats for every cello-lover, who will surely discover new correlations between pieces of completely different styles. Listen and be amazed!

"Already the first notes make it clear that Altstaedt is a highly expressive musician who is capable of coaxing the most unbelievable timbres from his cello, thus enticing the maximum from the pieces up to the limits of the permissible."
Hessischer Rundfunk

This recording was choosen for the strad collection. Read the review in the strad magazin!