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GEN 23808
EAN: 4260036258080
18.90 €

Hilde Domin (19092006)  
Drei Arten Gedichte aufzuschreiben
Alban Berg (18851935)  
Sieben frühe Lieder (19051908)
Nacht (C. Hauptmann)
Schilflied (N. Lenau)
Die Nachtigall (Th. Storm)
Traumgekrönt (R. M. Rilke)
Im Zimmer (J. Schlaf)
Liebesode (O. E. Hartleben)
Sommertage (P. Hohenberg)
Hilde Domin  
Hilde Domin  
Stefan Heucke (*1959)  
Dennoch, Sieben Lieder für Frauenstimme op. 94 nach Gedichten von Hilde Domin (2018)
Mit meinem Schatten
Mit leichtem Gepäck
Andere Geburt
Hilde Domin  
Abel steh auf
Stefan Heucke  
Dennoch, Sieben Lieder für Frauenstimme op. 94 nach Gedichten von Hilde Domin (2018)
Abel steh auf
Nimm den Eimer
Unsere langen Schatten

Dennoch Nevertheless

Seven early songs by Alban Berg
Seven songs by Stefan Heucke

Live Recording

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A live recording from Leipzig featuring soprano Anne Schwanewilms, pianist Manuel Lange and actor Wolf-Dietrich Rammler is now being released on CD by GENUIN. The program of this top-class evening included the Seven Early Songs by Alban Berg, the poems of Hilde Domin, and the song cycle Dennoch by Stefan Heucke. The latter is also based on poems by Hilde Domin and is presented here as a world-premiere recording. Anne Schwanewilms, Manuel Lange and Wolf-Dietrich Rammler take us on an intensive journey, carefully arranged in a sequence of music and text: From personal life journeys to the universal a humanitarian appeal of great poetry and music!

On WDR3-Tonart, singer Anne Schwanewilms talks about the music of Stefan Heucke - and why the lyrics of poet Hilde Domin overwhelmed her.
Broadcast by host Philipp Quiring from February 14, 2023