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GEN 22777
EAN: 4260036257779
18.90 €

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)  
Suite No. 2 for Lute in C minor BWV 997 (ca. 1738–1741)
Manuel María Ponce (1882–1948)  
24 Preludes (1928/29)
Prelude in C major
Prelude in A minor
Prelude in G major
Prelude in E minor
Prelude in D major
Prelude in B minor
Prelude in A major
Prelude in F sharp minor
Prelude in E major
Prelude in C sharp minor
Prelude in B major
Prelude in G sharp minor
Prelude in F sharp major
Prelude in D sharp minor
Prelude in D flat major
Prelude in B flat minor
Prelude in F major
Prelude in D minor
Prelude in B flat major
Prelude in G minor
Prelude in E flat major
Prelude in C minor
Prelude in A flat major
Prelude in F minor

Bach & Ponce

Suite No. 2 for Lute BWV 997 & 24 Preludes

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Guitarist Anne Haasch sets the mood for a dialogue across centuries in her new GENUIN CD with works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Manuel María Ponce. She combines the rarely
recorded 24 Preludes by the Mexican composer with the Lute Suite No. 2 by the Leipzig Thomaskantor, whom he revered. However, the juxtaposition of these works is a dialogue not only across time but across continents as well. Like Bach, Ponce has mastered the art of creating dense, eternal spheres of tension, but within ostensibly inconspicuous forms and simple, poetic lines. Anne Haasch captures this immensely expressive music's architecture, rhetoric, and content with her clear and vibrant playing.

Klassik Heute
"[Anne Haasch] finds a harmonious symbiosis between expression and emotion on the one hand and virtuoso dexterity on the other. All in all, this is a CD well worth listening to even for non-guitarists!"
Review by Guido Krawinkel, 2022, June 25

Guitar Acoustic
"Haasch captures both Bach's Lute Suite No. 2, transcribed for guitar, and Ponce's 24 Presludes with her airy yet precise playing in a way that emphasizes the similarities between the two pieces."
Guitar Acoustic, June 2022

Akustik Gitarre
"Anne Haasch performs convincingly and with remarkable virtuosity what the pieces [by Ponce] actually are: small, spiritual short stories, a microcosm not without dramaturgy. Wonderful."
Review by Wieland Ulrichs, April 2022