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GEN 21744
EAN: 4260036257441
18.90 €

Sounddesign: Jan Brauer  
Intro (2020)
Gordon Kampe  
Flüsterkantate (2018)
Gordon Kampe, nach Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683–1764)  
Gigue (J. Ph. Rameau – „Frankensteins Gruß“)
Text: Sarah Trilsch, Klangcollage: Jan Brauer, Ruth Velten  
Wölfe (2020)
Komposition, Improvisation: J. Brauer, R. Velten, S. Lange, F. Juncker, B. Altenburg, V. Kyianytsia  
Das ABC der Straftaten (2020)
Gordon Kampe  
Notturno (2018)
Gordon Kampe  
aus: Fat-Finger-Error
Tarantella (2018)
Gordon Kampe, Field Recording: Ruth Velten  
Teufel (2018)
Text: Sarah Trilsch, Field Recording: Ruth Velten  
Dunkel (2020)
Gordon Kampe  
Das Posaunenmonster inkl. höllischem Orgelgedöns (2018)
Gordon Kampe, Field Recording: Ruth Velten  
Das Vogellied (2018)
Komposition, Improvisation: J. Brauer, R. Velten, S. Lange, F. Juncker, B. Altenburg, V. Kyianytsia  
DARK LUX (2018/2020)
Improvisation: Silke Lange, Vitaliy Kyianytsia, Ruth Velten, Jan Brauer  
Dies Irae (2019)
Klangcollage: Ruth Velten, Gordon Kampe, Jan Brauer, Text: Sarah Trilsch  
Idyll (2020)
Gordon Kampe, Text: Sarah Trilsch, Sounddesign: Jan Brauer  
Der schönste Ort (2018)
Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa (1566–1613), Arr. Gordon Kampe  
aus: Responsorien für die Karwoche (1611)
Astiterunt reges terrae (2018)
Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa, Arr.: Gordon Kampe  
Madrigal (1596)
Sparge la morte (2018)
Komposition (mit Improvisationsanteilen von LUX:NM): Gordon Kampe, Text: S. Trilsch  
Dark Ego (2019/2020)
Gordon Kampe  
Fate la nonna (2018)
Gordon Kampe  
Tango (2018)
Klangcollage: Jan Brauer, Ruth Velten  
Donnerwetter (2020)
Gordon Kampe  
Choral (2018)


Works by Gordon Kampe, LUX:NM & Jan Brauer und Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa

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One of the most experimental New Music ensembles releases an impressive new album on GENUIN. The musicians of LUX:NM explore the world of the abyss, of spookiness, of sneers, and bring to life music, noises and sound collages all about the underworld and fallen angels. All works – by renowned composers such as Gordon Kampe and Jan Brauer as well as collaborative works by the collective – have been recorded for the first time. Dark radiance, benign blackness and nasty brightness: a dance of hell, most virtuosically and sensuously performed!

On July 24 2021, the production "DARK LUX" was broadcastet as a collective listening theater on German public radio station Deutschlandfunk. A surreal audio piece with electronic sounds, whispers, chants, field recordings and improvised by LUX:NM, Gordon Kampe, Jan Brauer with texts by Sarah Trilsch Gylje. The theme: the abysses of the human soul. Click here to listen to the DLF production, hosted by Leonie Reineke.

Field Notes
... Over the course of Dark Lux, a tonal and musical variety unfolds that is unparalleled and yet cannot be found. (...) It is a real pleasure to be drawn down by this music.
July 2021

nmz - Neue Musikzeitung
The nice thing about this "audio piece" in 22 varied, darkly comical chapters is the mixture and it adds up to "DARK LUX" in compositions and improvisations, sound collages, field recordings, ominous ambient and cryptic music about music wonderfully macabre to a poetry of the Evil, mean and macabre together. (...) A devilishly good "concept album"!Review by Dirk Wieschollek June 2021

rbb Kultur
Saxophonist Ruth Velten in conversation
rbb Kultur, June 14, 2021

WDR 3 TonArt
SRuth Velten talks with Nele Freudenberger
WDR 3 TonArt June 14, 2021

"The music gripping, weird, between circus and industrial noise. In between tender singing voices, heart sounds and children's voices, which they have compiled in the relatives. 'A devilish hoax' is what they call it themselves."
A meeting with saxophonist Ruth Velten and accordionist Silke Lange with Dirk Krampitz from the Berlin newspaper B.Z., August 20, 2021.