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GEN 85053
EAN: 4260036250534
18.90 €

Girolamo Salieri (1794—18**)  
Adagio, tema con variazioni; on a theme by Gioacchino Rossini
Girolamo Salieri  
Andante, tema con variazioni; on a theme by Vincenzo Bellini
Girolamo Salieri  
Tema con variazioni; on a theme by Giovanni Pacini
Girolamo Salieri  
Introduzione, tema con variazioni
Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868)  
Introduzione tema e variazione

Virtuoso Italien Clarinet

Works for Clarinet and Orchester by Girolamo Salieri

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You can forget Paganini - listen to Porgo!

You’ll just have to take our word for it—virtuoso instrumentalists weren’t just playing the violin and piano. Granted, the clarinet had only just emerged as an instrument around 1800. And it wasn’t all that many years before that when—thanks to its shrill tonal color - the clarinet was mockingly named clarinetto, the Italian term for a small trumpet…

This Genuin release of virtuoso clarinet music reminds us of all that we’ll miss if we don’t listen to more than just Liszt and Paganini. Paganini’s Italian compatriot Girolamo Salieri wasn’t merely the nephew of his famous uncle Antonio—yes, Mozart's Salieri—the younger Salieri was a gifted composer in his own right and a superbly skilled soloist on the clarinet. For his own concert appearances he composed music of breathtaking speed, alluring beauty, and technical brilliance...

Our newest Genuin release showcases young clarinetist Giuseppe Porgo in performances which sigh and giggle, call forth strings of glistening pearls along never-ending garlands. His playing plunges listeners to death-defying staccato depths which would have even been unsettling to a Paganini... In a word: spice up your CD listening fare by serving your guests clarinet!

"This is a very full CD of virtuoso music by Girolamo Salieri -an unusually atmospheric compilation at the highest standard."
Clarino 11/2006