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GEN 21715
EAN: 4260036257151
18.90 €

Tarquinio Merula (1594/5–1665)  
Folle è ben che si crede (1638)
Lorenzo Romano (*1985)  
Luna Incostante Luna Varia I (2019) World Premiere Recording
Claude Debussy (1862–1918)  
Clair de lune (1891)
Claude Debussy  
Nuit d'étoiles (1880)
Claude Debussy  
Romance (Silence ineffable de l'heure) (1883)
Tarquinio Merula  
Chi vuol ch'io m'innamori (1638)
Tarquinio Merula  
Un bambin che và alla scola (1638)
Tarquinio Merula  
El me tira nott'e dì (1638)
Aigerim Seilova (*1987)  
bärenmarkt (2019) World Premiere Recording
Claude Debussy  
Pantomime (1882)
Claude Debussy  
Rondeau: Fut-il jamais (1882)
Aigerim Seilova  
vater (2019) World Premiere Recording
Aigerim Seilova  
strings (2019) World Premiere Recording
Tarquinio Merula  
Menti, lingua bugiarda (1638)
Lorenzo Romano  
Sol che dal Tauro fai Temprati Numi (2019) World Premiere Recording
Tarquinio Merula  
Non mi chiedete, o fidi amici (1638)
Tarquinio Merula  
Quand'io volsi l'altra sera (1638)
Lorenzo Romano  
Luna Incostante Luna Varia II (2019) World Premiere Recording
Claude Debussy  
Les Angélus (1891)
Claude Debussy  
Clair de Lune (1882)
Claude Debussy  
Beau soir (1891)

o luna mia

Works by Tarquinio Merula, Lorenzo Romano, Claude Debussy and Aigerim Seilova

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In her debut CD, the soprano portrays a day from morning to evening, spanning the centuries. She combines works by Tarquinio Merula from 1638 with Claude Debussy and four works by Lorenzo Romano and Aigerim Seilova from 2019—all world premiere recordings! Dreamy soundscapes and expressive dramaticism, a cappella singing and accompaniment by electronic instruments: in this conceptual album, Pia Davila places herself in the service of the poetic idea, borne by her extraordinary and intense soprano voice.

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"Pia Davila's debut CD revolves around the moon and traverses centuries - a concept album in the best sense."
A review by Heinz Gelking, June 2021

Brigitte Woman
"You can hear the passion in every note!"
Spring 2021

Lüneburger Landeszeitung
"this quite daring and surprising combination will pull everyone who loves the art song along."

Journal Frankfurt
"A fine voice with delicate expressiveness"
February 2021

"Davila not only ensures pure listening pleasure with a velvety timbre and elegant legato slurs, but also demonstrates a chameleon-like variability, thanks to which she finds the right colors in the voice for every era and style."
Besprechung von Isabella Steppan, 29.01.2021

Klassik Heute
"No question about it, it is an unusually original and impressive debut album that the Berlin soprano Pia Davila presents here."
Besprechung von Ekkehard Pluta, 27.01.2021

ORF - Ö1 Des Cis
"Pia Davila leads the listener through a fictional day. The accompaniment for the soprano voice, which changes from title to title, is as varied as the compositions: a cappella, electronic sounds, piano and baroque guitar."
Listen here, 26.01.2021

NDR Kultur
"With her slender soprano, which shines wonderfully in the heights, very fine articulation and a great sense of language, she shows many different facets, humor and interpretive power."
Besprechung von Eva Maria Schramm, 13.01.2021

Aachener Zeitung
"All of this is carried by the extremely slender, bell-like voice of the 32-year-old soprano, which is capable of producing a warm glow. (...) The combination of the extremes of the contemporary and the baroque is excellent. (...) A great debut."
Review from 09.01.2021

WDR3 Tonart
"Anyone who records such a debut album deliberately issues a musical business card in order to advertise themselves to organizers and agents. If a well-designed album comes out like this, Pia Davila has done everything right."
Besprechung von Kerstin Peetz, 04. Januar 2021

WDR3, CD of the week
WDR 3, January 2021

"... emotionally and sensitively formed and for each of these songs she finds an individual tone."
Rezension von Sven Godenrath, 20. Dezember 2020