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GEN 20695 8.5.2020
18.90 €

Georg Hajdu (*1960)  
Burning Petrol (after Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin) (2014)
Todd Harrop (*1970)  
Maelstrom (2015)
Ákos Hoffmann (*1973)  
Duo Dez (2015)
Nora-Louise Müller (*1977)  
Morpheus (2015)
Georg Hajdu  
Beyond the Horizon (2008)
Todd Harrop  
Bird of Janus (2012)
Sascha Lino Lemke (*1976)  
Pas de deux (2008)
Benjamin Helmer (*1985)  
Preludio e Passacaglia (2015)
Manfred Stahnke (*1951)  
Die Vogelmenschen von St. Kilda (2007)
Fredrik Schwenk (*1960)  
Night Hawks (2007)

Beyond the Horizon

Works by Georg Hajdu, Todd Harrop, Ákos Hoffmann, Nora-Louise Müller, Sascha Lino Lemke, Benjamin Helmer, Manfred Stahnke and Frederik Schwenk

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The new GENUIN CD offers fascinating acoustic experiments with compositions based on the tonal system of the Bohlen-Pierce scale. This system uses a twelfth instead of an octave and is divided into thirteen tonal steps, taking the listener into magical-archaic tonal worlds that transcend all listening habits. Nora-Louise Müller and Ákos Hoffmann, two outstanding clarinetists, and their fellow musicians play their own compositions on instruments specially made for this scale system, as well as music by Georg Hajdu, Todd Harrop and others.

Fono Forum
"In neue harmonische Welten vorzudringen, ist die Maxime des BP-Klarinettenprojektes...erfrischend unkonventionell...hybrid schillernder Klangpozess..." Review by Dirk Wieschollek from August 2020