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GEN 20711 8.5.2020
18.90 €

Artur Schnabel (18821951)  
Sonata for Violin Solo (1919)
I. Langsam, sehr frei und leidenschaftlich
II. In kräftig-fröhlichem Wanderschritt, durchweg sehr lebendig
III. Zart und anmutig, durchaus ruhig
IV. Äußerst rasch (prestissimo)
V. Sehr langsame Halbe, mit feierlichem ernstem Ausdruck, doch stets schlicht
Eduard Erdmann (18961958)  
Sonata for Violin Solo, Op. 12 (1921)
I. Ruhig Fließend Ruhig
II. Allegretto scherzando Trio: Einfach, wie eine Volksweise
III. Langsam
IV. Lebendig

The Happiest Years

Sonatas for Violin Solo by Artur Schnabel and Eduard Erdmann

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The exceptional violinist Judith Ingolfsson has brought genuine rarities to the market with her new GENUIN CD. Only a handful of violinists around the world perform the highly demanding sonatas for solo violin by Artur Schnabel and Eduard Erdmann, and there is currently no commercial recording of Erdmann's work at all! The sonatas of these two great pianists and composers represent autonomous musical universes that are peppered with technical difficulties and are full of depth and character. A musical message in a bottle from a forgotten time that is absolutely worth recovering!