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GEN 20697
EAN: 4260036256970
18.90 €

Franz Schubert (1797–1828)  
Viola, D. 786 (1823)
Franz Schubert  
Ganymed, D. 544 (1817)
Franz Schubert  
Die Sommernacht, D. 289 (1815)
Franz Schubert  
Romanze, D. 797/3b (1823)
Franz Schubert  
An den Mond in einer Herbstnacht, D. 614 (1818)
Franz Schubert  
Litanei auf das Fest Allerseelen, D. 343 (1816)
Franz Schubert  
Greisengesang, D. 778 (1823)
Franz Schubert  
Der Winterabend, D. 938 (1828)
Franz Schubert  
Klage der Ceres, D. 323 (1815–16)

Schubert’s Four Seasons

Lieder for Voice and Piano by Franz Schubert

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Schubert's lieder offer a whole universe of sensorial representations of the four seasons and their characteristics, images, and symbols. Sharon Carty, one of Ireland's best internationally successful mezzo-sopranos, has taken on this enchanting repertoire with her piano partner Jonathan Ware. Together they are releasing a colorful bouquet of treasures at GENUIN. The CD features titles such as Klage der Ceres, Sommernacht, and Greisengesang and offers everything ranging from spring flowers to autumnal evening breezes, as well as the scent of summer and winter moonlight.

MusicWeb International
"Carty’s generally excellent diction can be submerged in this vocal halo but she has a light touch to these songs and is well supported by Jonathan Ware’s refined liquid accompaniment."
Rezension von Barnaby Rayfield WusicWeb International, September 2020

BBC Radio 3
"A pair of songs depict each season capturing the glory, fertility and cruelty of nature. They are beautifully, often powerfully reflected in Carty’s pure tones and exquisitely inflected by Ware."
Review by Hanna French in the show "Record Review" on BBC Radio 3 on 6 June

"Gathering together a remarkable programme, and performing it with style and sensitivity, Sharon Carty and Jonathan Ware create something very special. Intriguing, thought-provoking—and timely."
In the review by Michael Lee in GoldenPlec magazine, Schubert's Four Seasons receives 4 of 5 stars, June 25 2020

"One more notable feature of this disc is the rapport that exists between singer and pianist. There is a chemistry between them which allows each piece to develop with what appears to be a natural progression, there is nothing learned or superficial, rather they are responding sympathetically to each other’s strengths.
All in all, this is a fine CD. It is imaginative and well-executed, and successfully brings together a compilation of Schubert’s lieder which will delight the listener."
Review by Alan Neilson in OperaWire magazine, 5 June 2020

Journal of Music
"Versatility and intimacy: Music and poetry are equals in Schubert’s work, much like the relationship here with Carty and Ware. The song choice of the album fits so well together that I would not be surprised if more musicians chose to perform this carefully curated collection."
Review by Tara Broderick, 25 June 2020

The Irish Times
"Very engaging"
Review by Michael Dervan, 3. Juli 2020

Planet Hugill
"Carty has a lovely even and rather direct mezzo-soprano voice, with enough depth of tone and bright hints to provide a wide variety of colours these songs. She takes care over the words, making them an important element in the music. For many of the songs she brings a lovely sculptural quality to the line, emphasising the classical nature of Schubert's writing."
Review by Robert Hugill, 8 July 2020