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GEN 20690 6.3.2020
Edition: Un!erhört
18.90 €

Paolo Litta (1871–1931)  
I. Le Lac d’Amour – Der Minne-See (1909)
Le Lac (Der See)
Le Cygne (Der Schwan)
Cloches d’Antan (Die verklungenen Glocken)
La Source qui pleure (Die weinende Quelle)
Paolo Litta  
II. La Déesse Nue – Die entschleierte Göttin (1912)
Paolo Litta  
III. Der Tod als Fiedler – Le Ménétrier, la Mort (1924)

Paolo Litta

Concert Trilogy: Der Minne-See, Die entschleierte Göttin, Der Tod als Fiedler

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Exceeding its length, arrogant its dedicators ("A Leonardo da Vinci" - "His Majesty, the Dead"), ruthlessly the mix of styles between medieval minstrel music and musique concrète, beguiling its beauty and frightening its brutality - this is the fascinating music of Paolo Litta that awaits you on this CD. Written by a previously completely unknown composer, rediscovered by Michael Schäfer and now recorded for the first time by Ilona Then-Bergh and himself for his edition un!erhört at GENUIN.
Let yourself be carried away by the congenial interpretation of a composition that is as diverse as what it symbolises: the whole of human life...