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GEN 20681 7.2.2020
18.90 €

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)  
Cello Suite No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1008 (1717–23)
Menuett I, Menuett II
Johann Sebastian Bach  
Partita in A minor for Solo Flute, BWV 1013 (1722–23)
Bourrée anglaise
Johann Sebastian Bach  
Partita No. 2 in D minor for Solo Violin, BWV 1004 (1720)


Bach by Bornkamp

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Johann Sebastian Bach composed timeless music for solo instruments and invented his own musical worlds for violin, violoncello, flute⁠—wonderful, pure architectural beauty. For his GENUIN CD, the saxophonist Arno Bornkamp has arranged solo sonatas by Bach, choosing a different register for each work by using the baritone, soprano and alto saxophones. The symbiosis between instrument and music seems ideal, and, guided by the principles of historical performance practice, the co-founder of the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet plays with great ease and flow.

NRC Handelsblad
"The Bach transcriptions on the new solo CD by Arno Bornkamp clearly speak for themselves, even though the saxophone wasn’t invented until a century after Bach’s death. Naturally, that is thanks to the arrangements, mainly from Bornkamp himself, who as a pioneer and teacher is a lynchpin of the flourishing Classical saxophone culture in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, it all ends with these three pieces, according to Bornkamp, who beyond them doesn’t see a role for the sax when it comes to Bach."
Review by Joep Stapel in the Dutch daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad on 25 March 2020

Het Parool
"The 61-year old Arno Bornkamp, one of the world’s best classical saxophonists, shows us how beautifully Bach and the sax go together on his CD with the inviting title Dance."
Review by Erik Voermans in the Dutch daily newspaper "Het Parool" on 7 March 2020

de Volkskrant
"Arno Bornkamp plays Bach on saxophone with perfect control of color"
4-star rating in the Dutch daily newspaper "de Volkskrant" of 5 March 2020

Eugene Rousseau
"Your most recent CD is superb. You use the expansive palette of tonal colors, that the saxophone family provides. Your musical sensitivity is stunning, and the fact that your instrument of choice is the saxophone adds to the joy of listening to Bach. This recording has set a new and higher standard, and will stand as an extraordinary achievement for decades to come".
The American classical saxophonist Eugene Rousseau about the CD of Arno Bornkamp