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GEN 17471
EAN: 4260036254716
Edition: Primavera
18.90 €

Roland Szentpáli (*1977)  
Pearls III für Tuba solo, Klavier und drei Background-Tuben (2010)
Very Good Morning
Since You Left
Arild Plau (1920–2005)  
Concerto für Tuba und Streicher (1990)
William Kraft (*1923)  
Encounters II für Tuba solo (1964)
John D. Stevens (*1951)  
The Liberation of Sisyphus für Tuba solo und Tuba/Euphonium-Oktett (1990)
John Harmon (*1935)  
Silhouette für Tuba und Klavier (1992)
John D. Stevens  
Dances für Tuba solo und drei Tuben (1978)

Klischee ade

Works by Roland Szentpáli, Arild Plau, William Kraft, John D. Stevens and John Harmon

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Mellow, portly, and ponderous: this is the tuba, you believe? Multi-award-winning young tuba player Constantin Hartwig does away with all the clichés. His debut release, appearing in the GENUIN Primavera Edition, reveals the winner of the 2016 Deutscher Musikwettbewerb to be a swinging, dynamic, and breathtakingly virtuoso musical force of nature who practically gives his instrument a new face. The works he presents here bear such titles as “pearls”, “Silhouettes”, and “The Liberation of Sisyphus”. Crossing boundaries, expanding repertoire, and performed at a dizzyingly high level: join in and swing along!