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GEN 17462
EAN: 4260036254624
18.90 €

Johann Schop (1590–1667)  
’t Uitnement Kabinet
Sine titulo
Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767)  
Sonata 1 in G minor TWV 41:g1
from: Six Sonates à Violon seul acompagné par le Clavessin
Johann Schop  
’t Uitnement Kabinet
Lachrime pavaen
Als Jupiter gedacht
Georg Philipp Telemann  
Sonata for Violin and Basso continuo in F major TWV 41:F4
from: Essercizii Musici
Thomas Baltzar (1631–1663)  
Praeludium in C minor
Thomas Baltzar  
Allemande in G minor
Matthias Weckmann (1616–1674)  
Four Variations on the Song “Die lieblichen Blicke”
Georg Philipp Telemann  
Sonata 3 for Violino and Basso continuo in E minor TWV 41:e2
from: 12 Sonate Metodiche, Opera XIII
Johann Schop  
’t Uitnement Kabinet
Georg Philipp Telemann  
Partita 4 in G minor TWV 41:g2
from: Die kleine Cammer-Music
Johann Schop  
’t Uitnement Kabinet
Nasce la pena mia

Klingende Hamburgensien

Works by Johann Schop, Georg Philipp Telemann, Thomas Baltzar and Matthias Weckmann

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The works by Georg Philipp Telemann and his north German colleagues presented on this GENUIN release, featuring Baroque violinist Gabriele Steinfeld and harpsichordist Anke Dennert, reveal no hint of the coolness associated with the Hanseatic city. The full range of passion from an epoch overflowing with artistic energy is captured by the two musicians, on instruments that were already being played on the Elbe when the young Telemann was demonstrating his almost southern temperament in the city. What’s more, their violin from 1680 and harpsichord from 1716 tell us gripping musical tales by Johann Schop, Matthias Weckmann, and Thomas Baltzar. In Telemann’s own words: let us come forth and be joyful!