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GEN 16441 4.11.2016
18.90 €

Emmanuel Séjourné (*1961)  
Concerto for Marimba Solo and Strings (2004)
Marimba: Bogdan Bácanu (World Premiere Recording)
Emmanuel Séjourné  
“GOTAN” Concerto for Marimba Quartet
The Wave Quartet (World Premiere Recording)
Akira Ifukube (1914–2006)  
Lauda Concertata for Marimba Solo and Orchestra
Marimba: Bogdan Bácanu

Lauda Concertata

Works by Emmanuel Séjourné and Akira Ifukube

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Following their successful first GENUIN release Loco, the Wave Quartet is turning on the heat – when we hear them, we’d be forgiven for mistaking the marimba and percussion quartet for a full-fledged orchestra. Joining together with Bogdan Bácanu, the world’s youngest marimba professor and winner of many international competitions, the world-class musicians have committed two world premiere recordings to CD – concertos by Emmanuel Séjourné where they give full rein to their brilliant and varied malletwork. Romantic, with plenty of humor, groove, and feeling – an inspiration for percussion fans and music lovers everywhere!