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GEN 16439
EAN: 4260036254396
18.90 €

György Ligeti (1923-2006)  
Musica ricercata VIII
György Ligeti  
Musica ricercata I
John Dowland (1563–1626)  
Lachrimæ Antiquæ
John Dowland  
The King of Denmark’s Galiard
John Dowland  
John Dowland  
Lachrimæ Veræ
John Dowland  
M. Giles Hobie’s Galiard
François Couperin (1668–1733)  
Muséte de Choisi and Muséte de Taverni
François Couperin  
La Julliet
John Cage (1912–1992)  
Chess Pieces
Astor Piazzolla (1921–1992)  
Astor Piazzolla  
Adiós Nonino
Astor Piazzolla  
György Ligeti  
Musica ricercata VII
György Ligeti  
Musica ricercata IV
György Ligeti  
Musica ricercata III

Objets Trouvés

Works for Accordion and Zither by Ligeti, Dowland, Couperin, Cage and Piazzolla

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New, unusual, exciting – how many of us can say they’ve ever heard an accordion and zither performing together? After three successful GENUIN solo CDs, Swiss accordionist Viviane Chassot joins with partner Martin Mallaun on the zither, setting out for the first time on a chamber music journey. And right from the outset, the path leads us deep into the jungle, into the blank spaces on our musical map: the program features selections from Couperin to Cage, most of them arranged by the artists themselves. In the blink of an eye, the Renaissance merges with 20th century music, tango, and the avant-garde. A journey that promises this year’s most exciting chamber music discoveries!

Nominated for the 2016 German Record Critics' Award

November 2016 / MusicWeb International
„Equally superbly recorded and performed, this is something of a surprise hit and deserves wide popularity. I hope that Duo Chassot/Mallaun go further and are able to score some original works as well as these admirable and highly entertaining arrangements.“
Read the whole Review by Dominy Clements

29.11.16 / Schweizer Musikzeitung
Wärmste Empfehlung auf Französisch - auch als Weihnachtsgeschenk - von Michael Murray-Robertson:
"Le duo Chassot-Mallaun caresse chaque phrase avec tristesse, danse avec légèreté dans les deux pièces de François Couperin ou taquine gentiment dans les Chess Pieces de John Cage. Ainsi nos interprètes font-ils dialoguer des compositeurs que l’histoire avait séparés. (...) S’ajoute enfin à cela l’excellente présentation de ce CD qui ferait un cadeau de Noël idéal!"
Zum Artikel "Objets Trouvés… retrouvés!" in der Schweizer Musikzeitung

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