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GEN 15380
EAN: 4260036253801
Edition: Un!erhört
29.90 €

Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Quatre Préludes op. 1
Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Quatre Préludes op. 2
Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Deux Préludes op. 3
Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Deux Morceaux op. 5
Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Deux Morceaux op. 6
Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Deux Morceaux op. 7
Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Deux Morceaux op. 8
Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Quatre Morceaux op. 9
Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Huit Préludes op. 10
Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Six Poèmes op. 11
Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Trois Morceaux op. 12
Leonid Sabaneev (1881-1968)  
Quatre Fragments op. 13

Leonid Sabaneev

The Complete Works for Piano Vol. 1

Double CD

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Already for the 16th time the pianist Michael Schäfer opens up new worlds for us in his GENUIN series Un!erhört ("Unheard"). After the 2013 release of the CD featuring the (unrightfully) rarely performed chamber music by Leonid Sabaneev, Michael Schäfer is now presenting the first volume of Sabaneev’s piano works as a double CD. This music seems to be placed between all worlds and epochs: music of a composer who experienced and suffered the entire Russian history, from the Russian Empire up until long after Stalin's death. Michael Schäfer plays to his customary high standard, inspired and passionate – for Russian fans and keyboard enthusiasts a must!

« Ce premier volume de ses (Sabaneev) œuvres pianistiques capté sur un Bösendorfer impérial profond, au medium ample, sera pour beaucoup une révélation. »
Review on the classical music blog Artamag by Jean-Charles Hoffelé, 16 November, 2015

Musique classique & Co
"œuvres superbement construites"
Review on the Classical music blog Musique classique & Co by Thierry Vagne, 22 October, 2015

American Record Guide, Critics Choice 2016

Musicweb International
Michael Schäfer already has one of those admirable discographies that includes Scott, Delvincourt, Schmitt, Lazzari, Charpentier and d'Indy - all on the Genuin label. His advocacy of Sabaneev is bound to impress as is Genuin's audio quality which telling captures Schäfer's Bösendorfer Imperial in these confident and remorselessly hyper-romantic scores.
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