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GEN 15352 4.9.2015
18.90 €

Jean-Henry d’Anglebert  
Prélude in G minor
Jean-Baptiste Lully / J.-H. d’Anglebert  
Air d’Apollon du Triomphe de l’Amour
François Couperin  
Troisième Prélude
François Couperin  
Allemande L’Auguste
François Couperin  
Première Courante
François Couperin  
Seconde Courante
François Couperin  
Sarabande la Majestueuse
François Couperin  
François Couperin  
La Milordine. Gigue
J. B. Lully / J.-H. d’Anglebert  
Chaconne de Phaeton
Élisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre  
Prélude in g-Moll
Louis Couperin  
Passacaille in G minor
J. B. Lully / J.-H. d’Anglebert  
Gigue Mr. de Lully
J. B. Lully / J.-H. d’Anglebert  
Passacaille d’Armide
J. B. Lully / J.-H. d’Anglebert  
Sarbande. Dieu des Enfers
Louis Couperin  
Louis Couperin  
Tombeau de Monsieur de Blancrocher
François Couperin  
Les Baricades Mistérieuses
Gaspard Le Roux  
Gaspard Le Roux  
Gaspard Le Roux  
Gaspard Le Roux  
La Bel-ébat
Gaspard Le Roux  
La Piece sans Titre
Gaspard Le Roux  
Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace Royer  
Le Vertigo
François Couperin  
Septième Prélude

En sol - Musique pour le Roi-Soleil

Works by Jean-Henry D’Anglebert, Louis & François Couperin, Gaspard Le Roux, Élisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre and Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace Royer

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The Sun King Louis XIV, who, in the truest sense of the word, had all of France and the court of Versailles dancing around him, died exactly 300 years ago. Dance, music, theater: these arts all experienced an unprecedented flourishing back then. On her new GENUIN CD the harpsichordist Rebecca Maurer weaves pieces from the most brilliant epoch of the harpsichord to form a musical tapestry full of allusions and cross-references. That she performs on a historical Ruckers harpsichord from Neuchâtel strengthens the magic even more: poetic music in a magnificent garment, played with perfect timing, with an extraordinary sense of tonal color and sweeping lines. A true journey into a golden age.

Here you can find a PDF with secondary literature for further reading.

-> Informationen über das Ruckers-Cembalo
-> Information about the Ruckers hapsicord
-> Des information sur le clavecin de Ruckers

MusicWeb International
"Rebecca Maurer delivers fine performances. D'Anglebert's transcriptions come off very well, with good attention to their dramatic origin. Louis Couperin's Passacaille in C is one of the highlights."
Review on the MusicWeb International by Johan van Veen, December 2015

"Al di là di queste soluzioni, indubbiamente curiose ed interessanti, val la pena evidenziare la qualità estetica di un percorso musicale di notevole valenza e varietà espressiva"
Review on the Italian magazine Musica by Claudio Bolzan, November 2015