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GEN 85049
EAN: 4260036250497
Edition: Un!erhört
18.90 €

Cyril Scott (1879—1970)  
Sonata op. 66 (1909)
Allegro con spirito
Tempo of first movement
Cyril Scott  
Second Sonata (1932)
Cyril Scott  
Sonata III (1956)
Molto tranquillo — poco più mosso
Scherzo patético, Allegretto
Finale Grave — con moto
Cyril Scott  
Sphinx op. 63 (1908)
Cyril Scott  
Rainbow Trout (1916)
Cyril Scott  
Rondeau de Concert (1918)
Cyril Scott  
Ballad (1920)
Cyril Scott  
Victorian Waltz (1963)

Cyril Scott

The Complete Sonatas
and Other Works for Piano

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Do you know who Scott is? And we don't mean Walter Scott, author of swashbuckling historical novels of high romance. This is about Cyril Scott, composer, pianist, poet and mystic-spiritualist (1879-1970)… His most important piano works are recorded in the first release in our brand new Geniun CD series — "Un!erhoert" devoted to Unheard Of! piano repertory. With wondrous flourishes and bewitching dexterity, Munich pianist Michael Schaefer carries a torch for the boldly unconventional Scott. These exciting pieces for piano solo move between jazzy passages and exotic flair, basking in Late Romanticism and the realism of 1920s Neue Sachlichkeit. They represent Scott’s output over a period of nearly 60 years! Essential listening. The final work, from 1963, is simply a message from another world…If you don’t know Cyril Scott yet, now is the time.

Fono Forum
"Michael Schäfer presents Scott’s major piano works here in a highly committed and expressive manner." Fono Forum 9/2006

MusicWeb International
"strongly recommendable CD"
Review on the MusicWeb International by Jürgen Schaarwächter, June 2007