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GEN 89121 28.8.2009
18.90 €

Frédéric Chopin  
Études op. 10
Frédéric Chopin  
Études op. 25
Frédéric Chopin  
Études op. posth.

Frédéric Chopin – The Complete Études

Études op. 10, op. 25, op. posth.

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The piano etudes by Chopin: Franz Liszt was so impressed with these works, he took them home with him so he could practice them. Many piano students, though, would be perfectly happy to pass them up… These exquisite diamonds can only be successfully played by the most gifted keyboard virtuosos. Joanna Jimin Lee dances through the cosmos of the Polish-French composer’s works with polished elegance and deftness of touch. Do you play a stringed instrument? You will be delighted! Are you a pianist? Be prepared for something amazing!

“Well worth hearing! ...technical difficulties do not seem to exist for her...”
(PIANO classical music magazine 6/2009)

“The pianist has found a perfect balance and stays true to the path she initially set out on, using judicious amounts of rubato such as in the E Major Etude, Op. 10, No. 3. Her use of dynamics also takes a similar approach: Lee can let the music truly ring out where the composition calls for it, without, however, for a moment allowing listeners to think she might only be after a thunderous piano sound aimed at achieving a showy effect. In the (few) slow etudes, she allow the lyrical qualities of her playing to blossom wonderfully. This positive impression is supported by a natural overall sound, with an exemplary balance of pianistic tone achieved in the recording.” (Michael Loos, Klassik.com)