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GEN 88127
EAN: 426003625
Edition: Artist Consort
29.90 €

Johannes Brahms  
Quintet in B Minor for Clarinet and String Quartet, Op. 115
Andantino - Presto non assai, ma con sentimento
Con moto
Johannes Brahms  
Trio in A Minor for Clarinet, Piano and Violoncello, Op. 114
Andantino grazioso
Johannes Brahms  
Sonata in F Minor for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 120 No. 1
Allegro appassionato
Andante un poco Adagio
Allegretto grazioso
Johannes Brahms  
Sonata in E Flat Major for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 120 No. 2
Allegro amabile
Allegro appassionato
Andante con moto - Allegro

Johannes Brahms

Complete Works for Clarinet

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After he had actually already laid his quill to rest, the aging Johannes Brahms once again felt impelled to compose by a clarinet soloist. The tonal quality of Richard Mühlfeld must have been so inspiring, so warm, brilliant and glowing, that in the composer’s final years he dedicated four great chamber music works to him—and what wonderful music emanated from the thrilled composer—the complete chamber works with clarinet were recorded by clarinet soloist François Benda and provide an outstanding, technically masterful and probing overview of these late works by Brahms. When was is previously possible to enjoy the bitter-sweet harmonies of the Trio, the mature sweetness of the Quintet, the overwrought strains of the first sonata and the contained poise of the second or heard the final sonata in so concentrated or focused perfection than in this new Genuin production? The great value of the repertoire is only exceeded by the consummate artistry and intensity achieved on this recording. This is a must-have recording for any Brahms connoisseur!

"Why listeners have been prevented from hearing these recordings, which leave the latest rival productions on the CD market far behind, is a mystery in view of their quality." (Das Orchester 3/2009)