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GEN 04046
EAN: 4260036250466
18.90 €

Goff Richards  
Homage to the Noble Grape
Fundador (and more Champagne)
Chris Hazell  
Brass Cats
Mr. Jums
Jim Parker  
Londoner in New York
Echos of Harlem
The Chrysler Building
Grand Central
Radio City
Chris Hazell  
Brass Cats
Black Sam
traditional (arr: John Iveson)  
Londonderry Air
Caravan (arr: Richard Bissill)
Zequinha Abreu  
Tico Tico (arr: John Iveson)
Cole Porter  
Be a Clown (arr: Alan Fernie)

Just for Fun

Groovy & smart music for brass ensemble by Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Jim Parker and more

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Want to treat yourself to a champagne cocktail? Feeling like a light red wine-or do you swear by Chianti? Whatever your leanings, the newest Genuin CD delivers outstanding, virtuoso, and admittedly hip young brass sound. These premier German performers are ready to meet your every desire, one after the other. Just don't overdo it and get the morning-after blues... You need to be in top shape to join in on a world tour with these brass cats. Close your eyes and let the virtuoso brass playing carry you off to New York. Before you know it, you're suddenly in Londonderry! Get on the Duke Ellington caravan. Tico, Tico... Try out this disc for yourself-just be a clown and have some fun. Stirred - not shaken!