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Katja Zakotnik, cello

Katja Zakotnik does not play her cello, she becomes one with it. An artist who plays with “astonishing beauty” as a concert review put it. But she can also bring audience to their feet in enthusiasm with her temperament.

Naila Alvarenga-Lahmann says of her duo partner, who was born in Slovenia in 1979: ”Although she is constantly on a quest for perfection, Katja has a certain spirit of lightheartedness. It is obvious that she was introduced to her instrument very early and with great pleasure, and that she always connects with the audience as soon as she steps onto the stage. It is understandable that she not only often won first prize in competitions, but also the audience prize, such as at the IBLA Grand Prize World Music Competitions in Ibla, Sicily in 2009. She strives to understand the music completely, which results in very intensive work. This is something which I enjoy a great deal. I assume that the places where she studied were responsible for the contrasting qualities of determination and lightheartedness she possesses. She studied at the University of Music, Drama and Media Hanover and simultaneously completed a three-year master class at the Accademia Walter Stauffer in Cremona, Italy. After graduating she spent six months as a student of Bernard Greenhouse in the United States. She says that she learned her indispensable range of tonal colors there, which I appreciate as much as I do her precision. In rehearsals I sometimes have the feeling that we are an orchestra or an opera. Every voice exists for a reason and tells a story. This is then communicated to the audience not only musically but also verbally and visually. How Katja talks about the works we perform at our theme recitals fascinates me over and over again. Sometimes she uses Powerpoint and a beamer, then a flipchart, actors pop up, or artists from other genres. Her ideas for making the music even more understandable for the audience are inexhaustible. She is now known for her unusual concert formats – this year she created an event for an audience in deckchairs. I am certain that many more surprises of this kind await me. And yet: it never becomes complicated. Despite all her creativity she is simply too practical for that.” Katja Zakotnik studied with Prof. Tilmann Wick, Prof. Rocco Filippini and subsequently with Bernard Greenhouse. She travels the world as a soloist, chamber music partner and also in orchestras led by conductors such as Claudio Abbado. Her playing is described as “musical song.”

The Artist's Homepage: http://www.katja.zakotnik.de/

Inspired by the Freemasons

Works by Geminiani, Beethoven, Sibelius and Hummel

Katja Zakotnik, cello - Naila Alvarenga-Lahmann, Piano

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