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In the year 2002 the young sound engineers of GENUIN were faced with an important decision: should they continue to concentrate only on recording and production, or react to the numerous requests and positive feedback from musicians and specialist journals, and create their own label? During a time when nearly all the large classical labels have either ceased or at least greatly curbed production, the decision was not an easy one to make - but it was nonetheless unanimous, in favour of an official distribution platform for GENUIN recordings. And success did not take long to arrive.

During its twelve-year existence, the label GENUIN has developed into an insider tip amongst musicians and music lovers. Already before its Leipzig debut in October 2004, an introductory concert at the Robert Schumann Haus with Paul Badura-Skoda, the CDs were distributed throughout Germany, receiving high praise from the specialist press and the musical world. GENUIN CDs are meanwhile distributed in most European countries as well as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and the USA.

GENUIN's recipe for success: the entire music production - advising the artists on recording space and repertoire, preparation and making the recording itself, cutting with all necessary corrections, the design of the CD and booklet to the finished issue - lies in the hands of the sound engineers. Only in this way do musicians have the greatest possible leeway for development in the recording and design of their CDs. And at the same time, a constantly high level of quality can be guaranteed up until the end.

GENUIN also offers the up-and-coming generation of artists - not only established artists on the well-beaten path - the possibility of developing music according to their own ideas. Listeners are delighted to notice this on the more than 500 CDs which have so far appeared, with interpreters ranging from Badura-Skoda and Nicolas Altstaedt to the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra.