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GEN 86073 26.1.2007
18.90 €

César Franck (1822-1890)  
Pièce pour Grand Orgue (1854)
Jean-Ariste Alain (1911-1940)  
Première Fantaisie
Jean-Ariste Alain (1911-1940)  
Deuxième Fantaisie
Charles-Marie Widor (1844-1937)  
Symphony pour Grand Orgue op. 42 No. 7

Franck – Alain – Widor

Grand Pieces by César Franck,
Jean-Ariste Alain, Charles-Marie Widor

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What do you think will happen when you insert the new GENUIN Organ CD in your stereo? What happens when the young virtuoso organist Johannes Unger plays the wonderful, romantic Walcker Organ of St. Jakobus Church in Ilmenau? When you hear a large-scale work by César Franck that was only printed for the first time in 1990? When you come into contact with the fantastic and exotic tone-colours of Jehan Alain? And when, finally, the cathedral of a Widor Organ Symphony is constructed right before your very ears? Enough questions: you certainly know the effect that such an orgiastic bath will have on you – of course, beyond the blow-dried hairstyle that the opulent GENUIN sound will give you from your loudspeakers…

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