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GEN 19679 8.11.2019
18.90 €

François Killian (*1962)  
Bogalusa (2019)
Jim Fieldhouse (*1978)  
Vault (2019)
Fabian Künzli (*1984)  
Blazing (2018)
Daniel Schnyder (*1961)  
ATLAS: Concerto for Euphonium and Orchestra (2019)
I. Quarter Note = 120
II. Quarter Note = 104
III. Quarter Note = 120
Roland Szentpali (*1977)  
Ncore (2019)
Jukka Linkola (*1955)  
Euphonia (2019)
Danza triste
Funky Polka
Daniel Hall (*1996)  
Wheeap! (2019)
Andy Scott (*1966)  
From This Earth (2019)
Daniel Schnyder  
Concerto for Nay (Arabian Bamboo Flute) and Orchestra (2005)
IV Karachi

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The Next Generation of Euphonium Music

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Euphonium player Fabian Bloch’s GENUIN release begins with a "wham!"—and holds the listener in its grip for a full hour. Jazz, classical music, pop, funk, and folk music are all poured into this electrifying musical mixture as the up-and-coming star opens up completely new repertoire for his instrument. It alternately grooves, gets intense, or is simply beautifully played. Offering brass with class, Bloch has commissioned seven works for himself and his two comrades Michael Meinen and François Killian. Among the composers are illustrious names like Daniel Schnyder and Jukka Linkola. Grand and sparkling enjoyment!

Brass Band World
"Fabian Bloch has indisputably proved the potential of the euphonium in the 'jazz trio' setting through an outstanding level of performance and repertoire, which fuses traditional forms with a plethora of styles. Combined with excellent recording and understated, yet informative presentation, this innovative disc will have a lasting appeal for audiences, including those far beyond the brass band sphere."
Review by Thomas Dunne in the British magazine Brass Band World