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GEN 19669 6.9.2019
18.90 €

Friedrich Cerha (*1926)  
Konzert für Sopransaxophon und Orchester (World Premiere Recording)
Perpetuum mobile
Quodlibet und Epilog
Georg Katzer (19352019)  
La Mettrie III oder Der Abend der Maschinen (World Premiere Recording)
Christian Lauba (*1952)  
Dies irae (World Premiere Recording)

Three Concertos

Saxophone Concertos by Cerha, Katzer and Lauba

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Johannes Ernst's saxophone is a true chameleon, and on his GENUIN CD, he presents works for alto and soprano saxophone by Friedrich Cerha, Georg Katzer and Christian Lauba. Perhaps the most versatile instrument of all, it is capable of producing lyrical cantilenas and irrepressible rhythms but also of extreme experiments of unheard-of expressiveness. Together with the radio orchestras from Leipzig and Vienna and three of the most renowned new music conductors, the fabulous musician Johannes Ernst plays truly contemporary music, each an individual, magical and sonorous portrait of his instrument.