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GEN 19650 8.2.2019
18.90 €

Joseph Haydn (1732–1809)  
Sonata in C major Hob. XVI:50 (c. 1794/95)
Allegro Molto
Thomas Haigh (1769–1808)  
Three Canzonetta's of Dr. Haydn's Arrangedas Rondos for the Piano Forte (1796)
Canzonetta II – Rondo. Allegretto
Canzonetta III – [Rondo.] Allegretto
Canzonetta I – Rondo. Allegretto
Thomas Haigh (1769–1808)  
Fantaisie for the Piano Forte (1817)
Christian Ignatius Latrobe (1758–1836)  
Three Sonatas for the Pianoforte, Op. 3 (1791)
Sonata I in A major, II. Lente
Thomas Haigh  
Sonata II in B-f lat major from A Second Sett of Three Sonatas, for the Piano Forte
Adagio – Allegro
Allegretto (A Celebrated Air by Asioli Adapted as a Rondo)
Joseph Haydn (1732–1809)  
Sonata in E-flat major Hob. XVI:52 (1794)
Finale: Presto

Joseph Haydn and his London Disciples

Works by Joseph Haydn, Thomas Haigh and Christian Ignatius Latrobe

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What did Haydn sound like while he was on tour in London, giving concerts and teaching? Today, nobody perhaps comes closer to the sound from that time than Rebecca Maurer, who plays here on her original London fortepiano from 1816. Furthermore, the internationally sought-after fortepiano virtuoso does this with dazzling technique and immaculate stylistic confidence. The repertoire is also sensational, above all because it is not every day that one finds world premiere recordings by Haydn students on program flyers: fragrant music of Sentimentalism with some hints of Romanticism by Thomas Haigh and Christian Ignatius Latrobe. Outstanding repertoire!

"Maurer’s performances are quite exquisite with a real feel for this music. However, these are not historical exercises alone, she shapes this music and brings it to life making for a truly engaging experience even in the lesser-known pieces. One wonders if she might consider tackling a complete Haydn cycle some day." Read the review (June 2019) here on the website of Cinemusical.

BBC Radio 3 / March 2019
"...an intresting recital, well played and recorded." Listen to the Review hereon the website of BBC Radio 3.

Early Music Review
"Maurer plays the lesser works of Haigh and Latrobe with as much insight and respect that she brings to the Haydn. To cap off what is both an interesting and extremely well-played and recorded CD, the presentation is exemplary, including not only notes on music and performer but also colour photographs and a description of the piano."Read the whole review of 02.04.2019 on the website of Early Music Review.

Neue (musikalische) Blätter
"Die Freude am Hören vergeht bei dieser Aufnahme auch nach dem dritten, siebenten oder neunten Mal nicht. Und das liegt an der großen Qualität und Ausgewogenheit der technisch ebenso hochwertigen Produktion." Read the whole review (June 2019) here on the website ofNeue (musikalische) Blätter.

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HörBar nmz
"Ein Programm, das einem die Ohren weit öffnen sollte." The whole review (June 2019) here on the website of HörBar nmz.

March, 28 2019: SWR 2 Musikstunde

Nürnberger Zeitung March 2019

February, 25 2019
Review by Kerstin Gebel

DLF Kultur
Review by Holger Hettinger, Februar, 13, 2019

Nürnberger Nachrichten
Review February, 12, 2019

BR Klassik
Review by Volker Sellmann, February, 10, 2019

kulturradio rbb
Review by Bernhard Schrammek, February, 25, 2019

Fono Forum / June 2019
Beeindruckend aber ist vor allem Mauerers Umgang mit dem Broadwood-Flügel: Sie dosiert genau den Einsatz des Prdals, dass alles klar und billant bleibt und gleichzeitig die großen Klangmöglichkeiten des Fortepianos voll zur Geltung kommen können. Sie entlockt dem historischen Instrument voluminösen Klangrausch, aber auch sanfte, innige Momente.

Die Presse
"Eine erquickliche, zum Teil amüsante Lehrstunde in Sachen Wiener Klassik erteilt uns die Pianistin Rebecca Maurer - aus Londoner Blickwinkel" 24.4.2019
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