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GEN 16550 4.11.2016
11.90 €

Franz Schöggl (1930–1982)  
Die launige Forelle
World Premiere Recording
Franz Schöggl  
Forellenquintett A-Dur op. post. 114 D 667
4. Satz
Franz Schubert  
Die Forelle Des-Dur op. 32 D 550
Franz Schubert  
Forellenquintett A-Dur op. post. 114 D 667
4. Satz / Bearbeitung für vier Hände von Hugo Ulrich
Wolfram Langner (*1956)  
Die Neue launige Forelle
World Premiere Recording

Musikalisches Forellenmenü

Works by Franz Schöggl, Franz Schubert and Wolfram Langner

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The Consortium Vocale Leipzig invites us to dinner: the members of the MDR Radio Chorus offer up a menu of delectable “Variations on the Trout” – quite naturally, Schubert’s Trout! And what’s more, two are world premiere recordings, by Franz Schöggl and Wolfram Langner. Nouvelle cuisine, we could say… From revived Renaissance fare to Mediterranean cooking (Forella Italiana), Bohemian trout with dumplings à la Dvořák, and a recipe from molecular cuisine, Forella moderna. Head chef Michael Gläser, former director of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Chorus, has masterfully balanced all the flavors, serving up a world-class vocal menu – bon appetit!