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GEN 88104 21.11.2008
29.90 €

Johannes Brahms  
Trio in B major, op. 8 (1894)
Allegro con brio
Scherzo. Allegro molto - Trio. Meno Allegro
Finale. Allegro
Johannes Brahms  
Trio in C major, op. 87
Andante con moto
Scherzo. Presto
Finale. Allegro
Johannes Brahms  
Trio in C minor, op. 101
Allegro energico
Presto non assai
Andante grazioso
Allegro molto
Johannes Brahms  
Trio for clarinet, cello and piano in A minor, op. 114
Andante grazioso - Trio

Johannes Brahms

The Piano Trios and Clarinet Trio op. 114

-2 CDs-

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Looking back at his musical forebears, looking ahead into an uncertain future, into a new century—the chamber music of Johannes Brahms is a self-contained cosmos. And it is wonderful to have a complete cycle of works from this cosmos so compactly and densely presented as in this new Genuin release with Trio Ex Aequo. Matthias Wollong (violin), Matthias Moosdorf (cello) and Gerald Fauth (piano) play without a trace of graininess and with dynamic verve, displaying technical mastery and leaving not even a suggestion of a soft-hued, saccharine “velour Brahms,” but instead giving a gripping rendition of the Romantic composer’s modernity. And when in the clarinet trio the veteran virtuoso Karl Leister joins in, then the door to the modern age stands wide open. Astounding!

"There are always recordings which almost magically draw in the listener and hold him captive from the first note onwards, where new worlds arise before one’s inner ear and one understands a composition in a completely new way ..."
Ensemble 1/2009

"The double CD offers the most exquisite listening and showcases Romantic repertoire in a modern, slender garments."
Der Neue Tag, January 11, 2008

"When in the opening measures of the B flat Trio, Op. 8, the wonderful cantilena of Matthias Moosdorf's cello lift its voice against the underlying tapestry of the piano, a magical moment occurs which one actually is always hoping for and can only describe with one word: goose bumps."
ENSEMBLE, 1/2009